10 Albums That Prove Rock and Roll Is Not Dead

Vol. 4: Slaves of Fear: Health, Loma Vista / Supernova: Artwork By – Jackie Carlise, Nova Twins, Marshall / Glow On: Alexis Jamet – cover, design, Turnstile, Roadrunner
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Rock and roll isn’t just alive – it’s thriving. Not that long ago, we shared a feature highlighting “10 Bands Keeping Rock and Roll Alive,” and now we’re going even further and highlighting 10 albums that prove the current state of rock is as healthy as ever.

Noting records from hard rock, pop rock, indie, grunge, and more, here are 10 modern rock albums that highlight how the genre is alive and well.

But Here We AreFoo Fighters

While the band has released several awesome records throughout their career, their new album is nothing short of astonishing. But Here We Are features an incredible stylistic and creative range from the Foo Fighters – the first album of theirs since the passing of Taylor Hawkins, But Here We Are sees the band channeling their grief and sorrow into a brilliant catheretic rock experience.

PunisherPheobe Bridgers

Listening to Pheobe Bridgers’ Punisher feels like stepping into a movie. Throughout the record, Bridgers and her band craft extraordinary soundscapes to adventure through; from dreamy ambient melodies to grounded and melancholic rhythms, Punisher is overwhelming with captivating musical variety and technique. At times gentle, at other times more aggressive, Punisher is an immersive album through and through.

Plastic HeartsMiley Cyrus

For those of you ready to fly off at your keyboards, calm the fuck down – Miley Cyrus’ Plastic Hearts is a BANGER. Over the course of her career, Cyrus has melded the best qualities of rock and pop together, providing songs that not only rage and vibrantly flow but also unleash wave after wave of gripping emotion. When it comes to modern rock albums that cater to thrills and feels – offering riveting and moody tracks – Plastic Hearts is one of the best around.

Glow OnTurnstile

It’s a tad ridiculous how talented Turnstile is; for real, who blends rock, hardcore, pop punk, and metal so perfectly together? Not many – but Turnstile does. Since its release, Glow On has been recognized as a game changer, not only winning over heavy music listeners, but also captivating the eardrums of casual heavy listeners, and even those who prefer more laid-back music. While Glow On is such an incredible record, we’re beyond excited to see what Turnstile releases next.

Vol. 4: Slaves of FearHealth

When it comes to electronic-infused rock, Health is truly one of the best around. While the band has released several great releases in the past few years, 2019’s Vol. 4: Slaves of Fear is a jaw-dropping work that goes hard as hell and lulls you off to beautiful dreamy worlds. Throughout this album, Health not only displays their incredible technical and creative skills, but they also use their brilliance to provide an eclectic experience of thrills.

SupernovaNova Twins

From hard rock, pop, industrial, and even touches of nu-metal, Nova Twins’ Supernova is one hell of an incredible experience. If you are looking for an album that will get you pumped up and in the mood to dance or mosh, go right to Supernova. Throughout the record, Nova Twins provide surprise after surprise, for not only is there so much variety from song to song, but within individual tracks, there’s also a plethora of unique stylistic and instrumental shifts.

Hushed and GrimMastodon

The most recent Mastodon album is one of the band’s most intriguing releases to date, for it features all the various sonic elements the band has pursued over the course of their career. While Mastodon is so well known for their progressive and sludge metal qualities, they have also gone on to embrace more stereotypical hard rock elements in their music; in creating hard-hitting and gripping rock, Mastodon has cemented itself as one of the most exhilarating creative forces in the genre.

Morbid Stuff – PUP

On the more punk side of things, PUP’s Morbid Stuff provides an astounding mix of emotion. You’ll hear a rocking tune that has an awesome upbeat tempo, but the lyrics are all about really sad shit. Morbid Stuff has much to enjoy on a sonic level – from speedy cuts to more somber melancholic tracks – and it also makes for a rich emotional experience offering a cathartic element for those looking to exorcise personal demons while they rock out.

Twin Temple (Bring You Their Signature Sound… Satanic Doo-Wop) – Twin Temple

In a world where a lot of us talk about Ghost so much, it’s a little odd that we as a community aren’t talking about Twin Temple enough. The band’s debut record is a fascinating blend of rock and doo-wop; the band has even coined their own genre called “Satanic doo-wop.” Embracing elements of rockability into their work, Twin Temple (Bring You Their Signature Sound… Satanic Doo-Woop) is one of the most entertaining rock experiences to be released in recent years.

Rat Saw God – Wednesday

If you are itching for a modern grunge band to rock out to, you should immediately turn on Wednesday’s Rat Saw God. The band’s mixture of shoegaze, country, grunge, and indie rock is nothing short of captivating. As soon as you click start on Rat Saw God, you’ll find yourself immersed in a moving and riveting work of rock and roll.