Why Aerosmith Allegedly Kicked Megadeth Off Their 1993 Tour

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In 1993, Aerosmith took to the road to support their new album at the time, Get a Grip. This tour featured a variety of different opening acts, and among them was none other than Megadeth.

However, Megadeth ended up exiting the tour pretty early on. Rumor has it the band was allegedly kicked off the tour by Aerosmith; during a 2014 feature with Loudwire, David Ellefson shared that the band was booted after playing only three shows. What could Megadeth have done to piss off Aerosmith so much as to get kicked off the tour? Well, per a past report from Rock N’ Roll True Stories, there was supposedly some tension between the two bands.

Referring to this tour in his book My Life with Deth: Discovering Meaning in a Life of Rock & Roll (as noted by Rock N’ Roll True Stories), Ellefson says that he and Dave Mustaine felt that Megadeth wasn’t getting strong representation at the shows they were playing. While Steven Tyler did attempt to talk things over with the Megadeth members, Mustaine was ultimately not happy with how things played out.

Reportedly, throughout the tour, there were several instances that created tension between the two bands. One of these instances, per SPIN, involved Mustaine allegedly blowing his nose into an Aerosmith shirt while on stage.

After only playing a few shows, a report came out saying that Aerosmith had dropped Megadeth from the tour.

While Megadeth’s label released a statement saying that the band left the tour due to ”artistic restrictions,” an individual allegedly connected to Aerosmith had something else to say. Entertainment Weekly reportedly reached out to someone who worked with Aerosmith, and they claimed that Mustaine was the reason the band was fired from the tour.

Apparently, as he shares in his book, Ellefson says Megadeth found out they were fired from the tour through a waitress who mentioned that Jackyl was opening for Aerosmith later in the day.

If you happened to have attended this tour and saw Megadeth on the road with Aerosmith, what do you remember the show being like?

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