Watch: Vince Neil Butchers Performance of ‘Shout at the Devil,’ Sounds Like a Muppet

Vince Neil: Andreas Lawen, Fotandi, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Vince Neil used to be one of the most iconic voices in heavy metal; in a way, he still sort of is, but for more infamous reasons.

Back in the ’80s, Neil’s vocal performances were electrifying – nowadays though, his voice can come across like nails on a chalkboard.

Per some fan-captured footage of a past Mötley Crüe concert (as shared by MetalSucks), Neil is seen performing the band’s hit “Shout at the Devil.”

While the rest of the band is rocking out to the track, Neil provides a vocal performance that sounds utterly cartoonish. It’s almost like he’s emulating the voice of a Muppet.

Seriously, the level of squeakiness coming from his voice is startling.

While there has been recent controversy surrounding the band regarding the alleged use of backing tracks on their Stadium Tour, it’s tough to imagine that someone would want to capture this level of cartoony presentation on track.

If you are looking for a good laugh, you can check out the footage of Vince Neil butchering “Shout at the Devil” below.

Hopefully, he’ll get the magic back one of these days.

Either way, the band has zero problem drawing butts to seats. So guess Vince has the last laugh here.

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