So That’s What He’s Been Saying All These Years: Listen to Eddie Vedder’s Fully Isolated ‘Jeremy’ Vocals

Eddie Vedder: Raph_PH, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Among the band’s library of tunes, “Jeremy” is by far one of the more infamous Pearl Jam songs to ever be released.

This infamy very much has to do with how difficult it is to break down what exactly band singer Eddie Vedder is saying.

Instrumentally the song sounds good – it would just be nice to fully grasp what Vedder’s lyrics are while listening to the song. With that said though, we have thankfully stumbled across a solution that addresses this issue – that solution coming in the form of an acapella-only mix of the track.

Below you will find an acapella mix of Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy,” and thanks to this version of the song, you can now really hear what Vedder is saying.

When you strip away all the instrumentation, Vedder’s words come across much clearer, and you can follow along with his narrative.

If you have ever had trouble hearing what Vedder is saying in the track, you can check out the acapella mix of “Jeremy” below.

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