Trent Reznor Regretted Touring With This Massive Metal Band

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Over the course of the band’s 35-year-long career thus far, Nine Inch Nails has performed alongside some of the biggest names in heavy metal, and among all those major metal bands, there is an act Trent Reznor regretted touring with big time.

To name a few of the big metal bands Nine Inch Nails has toured with, there’s Type O Negative, Faith No More, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Guns N’ Roses.

But of all the massive metal acts they have toured with, a band that really got under Reznor’s skin, to the point that he regretted touring with them, is Guns N’ Roses.

But what was it about touring with them that pissed off Reznor so much? Well apparently, the Nine Inch Nails singer was not a fan of the band’s audience.

As reported by the YouTube channel Rock N’ Roll True Stories, Nine Inch Nails was one of the bands to support Guns N’ Roses during the early ’90s. Per a past conversation with Q Magazine, Reznor spoke about his issues with the Guns N’ Roses audience and complained about how they allegedly acted.

Talking to Q Magazine, Reznor said that “supporting Guns N’ Roses was one of the worst shows Nine Inch Nails ever played.” Reznor went on to tell the magazine:

“It was only a couple of shows and they were some of the worst performances we as Nine Inch Nails ever had in front of the most hostile, moronic audiences I’ve ever experienced. They were there to rock. What they didn’t want was some homo-looking dudes playing noisy synths and they made that very clear to us.”

Reznor went on to add: “Our first show was in Mannheim, Germany. There were thousands of people standing there raising their middle fingers and there were bits of sausage on stage. I’ve tried to block it out.”

As noted by Rock N’ Roll True Stories, former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum talked about Nine Inch Nails opening for the band in his book Double Talkin’ Jive. Speaking about this experience, Sorum said that Nine Inch Nails came out in all black and wearing white powder and that the German audience didn’t care much for them. Sorum said that Reznor was aware that the audience wasn’t into Nine Inch Nails, and claims that Reznor allegedly performed a Sieg Hile in front of the crowd, which pissed the audience off.

This concert sounds like it was anything but a chill time.

Rockers complaining about Guns N’ Roses is nothing new; another band who has had some harsh words to say about Guns N’ Roses is Metallica, for James Hetfield once shared that he “hated them.”

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