Tim Henson of Polyphia Shares Acoustic Rendition Of “Playing God”

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The operative word in “progressive rock” is progressive

Texas progressive rock titans Polyphia caught an unsuspecting world by surprise with their 2022 hit album Remember That You Will Die, which was a monumental level-up from their successful 2018 record New Levels New Devils.

To the surprise of older fans, Remember That You Will Die debuted at No. 33 on the Billboard 200 while simultaneously rising to the top of the Hard Rock Albums chart. While this level of immediate success might have come as a shock, given the awe-inspiring expansive nature of Polyphia’s fourth album, it is well deserved.

In a celebration of stylistic diversity, the band dared to explore hip-hop and trap influences to new depths. It is a broad spirit of innovation and experimentation highlighted by the guest appearances on Remember That You Will Die, showcasing heroes such as six string titan Steve Vai, r&b production heroes Brasstracks, legendary Deftones frontman Chino Moreno, New York rap sensation Snot, and breakneck hyperpop phenom Sophia Black, among others.

Remember That You Will Die is chock-full of memorable moments, with one of the absolute highlights of the record coming in the form of lead single “Playing God.” With acoustic guitars and a heavy flamenco influence, the track is a perfect example of Polyphia’s yearning for experimentation and sonic growth.

“Playing God” is a stylistically complex and intricate track. For those of us who are curious, Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson has shared an acoustic version of the track. It is a POV shot that highlights his instrumental mastery, and it is guaranteed to leave you flat out stunned.

As you have probably come to expect, Tim Henson uses an Ibanez TOD10N, his signature nylon-string acoustic-electric hybrid guitar that was used extensively on Remember That You Will Die.

Check out the jaw-dropping video below and prepare to be blown away:

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