The 10 Greatest Progressive Metal Albums of All Time

Traced In Air: Robert Venosa, Season of Mist / obZen: Joachim Luetke, Nuclear Blast / Weightless: Jay Wynne, Prosthetic
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Progressive metal is a fascinating subgenre of metal due to its intricate and cerebral musical style. While all metal is technically complex, progressive metal takes it to another level, with a deliberate emphasis on creating intellectually stimulating music.

Artists in the progressive metal realm strive to produce compositions that demand active participation from their listeners. Progressive metal is an immersive experience that offers complex and creative musical pieces that showcase technical mastery.

With that in mind, we have delved into the genre’s history to curate a list of the top 10 most impressive progressive metal albums of all time. So, without further ado, let’s explore these exceptional works of art.

Crack the SkyeMastodon

Compared to Mastodon’s past sludgier releases, 2009’s Crack the Skye marks an astounding creative leap forward for the band. While still providing plenty of sludgy tones and heaviness, the band takes those sonic qualities and elevates them to a more atmospheric and ethereal level. Crack the Skye represents when Mastodon began to further expand upon their artistry and weave in more progressive elements into their music.

Blackwater ParkOpeth

As one of the greatest progressive metal bands of all time, of course, an Opeth album makes the list, and what better record to highlight than Blackwater Park? An extraordinary musical venture of death metal and progressive rock, Blackwater Park is an experience of constant and astounding surprises. Opeth has gone on to release even more amazing albums, but by far, this record is their standout release.

Traced In Air – Cynic

Not only is Cynic an incredible death metal band, but they are also one of the most talented acts in progressive metal. Having formed in the ’80s, Cynic offeres a different kind of heaviness compared to their death metal contemporaries. With records like Traced In Air, the band created a profoundly moving work that pushed the boundaries of what heavy music could achieve. Although progressive music existed before the release of Traced In Air, it is remarkable how technically and creatively fascinating this record is, particularly within the context of death metal history.


When it comes to albums that change the game, so to speak, it’s undeniable the impact Meshuggah’s obZen has had on metal and heaviness. The band has always been a technically intriguing act, but with the release of obZen, audiences experienced a whole new level of brilliance from Meshuggah. To this day, obZen is easily one of the heaviest, and most creatively unique and captivating albums in progressive metal (hell, in metal in general).

Weightless – Animals as Leaders

The instrumental act of Animals as Leaders has delivered fans an array of astonishing compositions, each brimming with exciting musical flavor and intriguing performances. Although they have released several great albums, 2011’s Weightless remains a compelling release that continues to marvel those who embark on its musical adventure.

10,000 DaysTool

When it comes to more psychedelic-leaning progressive metal, Tool is one of the greats. Another band that has released numerous solid records, we got to say that 10,000 Days features the band at their most impressive. With mesmerizing displays of compositional structure, odd time signature shifts that provide surprise after surprise, and a profound atmosphere exuding meditative depth – 10,000 Days is absolutely one of the greatest progressive metal albums of all time.

Uroboros – Dir En Grey

With 2008’s Uroboros, the Japanese avant-garde metal act crafted one of the most thrilling progressive metal albums to ever be released. Listening to the album from beginning to end is not only a whirlwind experience of emotion, but you’ll also be taken for a loop given how much variety there is to the band’s technical performances. When it comes to the progressive metal scene, Dir En Grey’s Uroboros is one hell of a stellar time.

Imaginary SonicscapeSigh

Another avant-garde Japanese metal band that deserves much recognition for creating awesome progressive metal is Sigh. When it comes to any of Sigh’s albums, no two songs ever sound the same, and a record that brilliantly captures the band’s expansive creative palette is Imaginary Soniscape. Providing a buffet of sound, unique rhythms, and atmospheric moods, Imaginary Sonicscape is one of the most surreal and experimental albums in the progressive metal scene.

The Mountain – Haken

Haken’s third studio album, titled The Mountain, is perhaps one of the most emotional and epic-sounding albums to ever grace progressive music. While the band does deal out plenty of typical heavy-sounding instrumentation, the band also fights against convention throughout the record; from lovely piano progressions, to clean singing and funky guitar rhythms, The Mountain doesn’t sound like many prog metal albums. For all the band’s willingness to defy conventional metal expectations, they created something really amazing with The Mountain.

Operation: MindcrimeQueensrÿche

A compelling concept album and overall technical masterpiece, Queensrÿche’s Operation: Mindcrime is an incredible progressive metal album and all-out classic. In crafting the record’s narrative, Queensrÿche lay out an exhilarating sonic journey for listeners to embark on; from the various blends of sound that appear throughout the album, to the dynamic compositions involving shifting tempos and mood, Operation: Mindcrime stands as an awe-inspiring work of metal that tells a story.