Stray From The Path’s Drummer Says He’s ‘Shook’ By Fans Being Okay With The Use of Backing Tracks

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There has been a lot more conversation recently regarding bands allegedly using backing tracks while performing live. Some people are utterly opposed to this approach to performance and some are fine with it as long as they get to hear music at a show.

For Stray From The Path drummer Craig Reynolds, it’s beyond surreal to hear that people are comfortable with bands “miming” playing live. On his Twitter a couple of days ago, Reynolds posted the following two tweets in regard to the use of backing tracks: “some of your favourite bands have ALL their kick drums on track and you’re so dumb you don’t notice”

“I’m hoping it’s just because I called everyone dumb but it seems like everyone is okay with this. Don’t bother practicing or becoming proficient kids, it’s the taking part that counts!!!!!!!!”

After several followers replied to these tweets, Reynolds posted the following tweet: “stop asking me which bands. you just want blood and not systemic change to the culture which also sounds quite a lot like the state of the world at the moment doesnt it? plus i want these people to know that i know. and I need collateral for my music exit strategy”

Reynolds then went on to retweet several followers and comment on the use of backing tracks in the scene. At one point though, the drummer started to get frustrated by some of the responses he was reading, even going as far as to retweet a user and write: “i am muting the thread guys you make me wanna give up the drums”

Eventually, Reynolds took to Instagram and uploaded a video speaking to how “shook” he is by all the people who have voiced that they’re okay with the use of backing tracks. Speaking about how frustrated he is by these responses, Reynolds shared the following (as transcribed by Lambgoat):

“Guys I’m shook. I made a Twitter thread announcing that some of your favorite bands, all of their bass drum, all of their kick drum is on the backing track. None of it comes from what they’re actually doing. It’s all pre-programmed. They’re miming basically. And I thought that was a big revelation. And on Twitter, the general consensus is: ‘That’s OK, as long I’m seeing the music get played like it is on CD then I don’t actually care.’

“Now, call me an old man, but that’s just miming. I thought we were against miming. Is miming OK? I’m shook as you can see. I don’t know what to do, I might just give up. The moral of the story is just don’t practice I guess, and all you can do is just put backing tracks and then just look like you’re having fun and then everyone will just watch and enjoy it, and buy a t-shirt and you don’t have to do any work. It’s the taking part that counts. Second is just as good as first. When AI comes we are all completely screwed”

What do you make of Reynolds’ points and frustrations? Are you also okay with backing tracks being used during concerts?

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