Punk Bassist Nearly Killed In Freak Accident Involving a Chain Link Lodged In His Neck

Tyler Rogers: GoFundMe
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While the punk band Cliffdiver were driving to their next gig, a freak accident occurred that seriously injured their bassist Tyler Rogers.

Per a lengthy statement provided by singer Matt Ehler on the band’s social media, at the time this accident took place, Rogers was driving. At one point during their trip, the band heard a massive sound, and all of a sudden, “[their] van filled with glass shards and dust.”

When all the dust settled, Ehler “noticed that blood was spewing out of [Rogers’s] neck/head region and drenching his body and the surrounding area.”

Upon paramedics and authorities arriving to the aid of the band, Ehler notes that “the sheriff approached us and told us that they found a large steel chain link lodged in [Rogers’s] neck.”

Rogers was rushed to the hospital, and per the emergency center, they shared with the band that Rogers’s “carotid artery had been punctured, his jugular was lacerated, he had fractures in his neck, had lost approximately 2 liters of blood and needed emergency surgery.”

Upon coming out of surgery, Ehler says that “doctors determined that brain damage would not be a threat and that the chain link struck his neck in such a way that it caused a hematoma and kept him from bleeding out.”

Tyler Rogers is noted to now be in recovery and a GoFundMe has been established to help him out. Also within his statement, Ehler requests that fans do not reach out to Rogers, his family, or the band at this time, as they are all trying to process and heal from what has taken place.

We are thinking of Tyler, his loved ones, and the band during this very difficult time.

If you would like to read the entire statement provided by Cliffdiver singer Matt Ehler, you can do so by clicking on the post below.

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