Iron Maiden Is Attempting To Block Trademark of ‘Maiden’ Underwear

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Someone is attempting to sell folks “Maiden Wear” and Iron Maiden is not pleased about it at all. To be clear, though, “Maiden Wear” is in no way tied to the heavy metal band.

As reported by Complete Music Update, an individual by the name of Min Yu Chen is attempting to trademark the name “Maiden Wear,” which would be the brand name associated with their line of “abdominal corsets, shapewear, bras, lingerie, and panties.”

However, believing there would be a “likelihood of confusion,” Iron Maiden is attempting to block Min Yu Chen’s trademark request. Lawyers representing Iron Maiden say the band owns the “Iron Maiden” trademark in various categories, such as in regard to “clothing, namely, t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, shorts, jerseys, sweatshirts, sweatpants, pants, jackets, hats, leather wrist bands, scarves and shoes.”

Per a filing submitted by Iron Maiden to the US Trademark Trial & Appeal Board:

“The dominant term in applicant’s Maiden Wear mark is Maiden and therefore the mark is confusingly similar in appearance and connotation to opposer’s Iron Maiden mark.”

The filing also provides the following:

“Moreover, the goods set forth in the Maiden Wear application are related to or the same as goods covered by the Iron Maiden registration and/or for which opposer has acquired common law rights in the United States.

“Thus, applicant’s Maiden Wear mark, when used in connection with the goods described in the Maiden Wear application, is likely to deceive or cause consumer confusion or mistake among members of the public and potential purchasers as to the source, sponsorship or composition of applicant’s goods in relation to opposer’s goods. Such confusion will damage opposer and injure its reputation in the trade and with the public”.

What do you make of Iron Maiden attempting to block this trademark request? Do you think clothing under the name “Maiden Wear” would cause confusion among Iron Maiden fans? More on this story as it develops.

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