“I DON’T THINK SO” – Terror Set Disrupted By Hot-Headed Security

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It’s important for a venue to hire competent security. In order to navigate everything from basic logistics to high energy crowds, the presence of human beings who understand the atmosphere and can tailor their responses is necessary. 

More often than not, the relationship between band, crowd, and security is one of relative symbiosis. However, misunderstandings do happen. The kinetic expressions of tribal manners at hardcore and metal shows could theoretically be interpreted as a violent free-for-all to the uninitiated (which means that these venues should be more conscious of who they hire for these events, but I digress…). In rare instances, security is just flat out dickheads.


A video of Terror’s recent performance on their tour with The Black Dahlia Murder on March 5, 2023 at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth, TX. is going viral. Posted on Twitter by UnityTX frontman Shaolin G, the clip shows a security guard accosting fans as they try to get in a singalong with Terror vocalist Scott Vogel. Seeing the behavior of security, Vogel tosses the mic into the crowd in order to grant them unobstructed access. In a shocking display of hubris, the security guard grabs the mic, says “I DON’T THINK SO”, and hands the mic back to Vogel.

Terror addressed the incident on Twitter, saying: “Ridglea Theater in Ft. Worth easily has the worst security this band has encountered in all 20 years of existence. And if you know us, that’s saying A LOT.”


The statement was retweeted by Knocked Loose vocalist Bryan Garris, who added: “Security guard at hc/metal show that has never seen a hc/metal show is the dumbest shit of all time. Fuck them all”

Colin Young of God’s Hate and Twitching Tongues expanded on these sentiments, tweeting:  “Security guards that abuse their crumb of power to fulfill their fantasies of roughing up kids should be beaten into a medically induced coma with zero exceptions 🙂”


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