Exodus’ Gary Holt Starts GoFundMe For Brother Involved In Horrible Accident

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Exodus guitarist Gary Holt has established a GoFundMe for his brother, who was recently involved in a horrible accident.

The short version of the story is that, while on vacation, Holt’s brother was hit by a taxi. Holt’s brother is stuck waiting for surgery, and the guitarist has planned a last-minute flight to see him.

Between several intense expenses, Holt and his family have been hit pretty hard financially. Per a recent Instagram post of his, Holt shares the following about the matter:

“Hey everyone, as things just keep dragging and in so many ways keep getting worse, I’ve started a gofundme to help my brother and the family with the massive expenses of this horrible situation. As many many know, he was hit behind by a taxi on May six in Rome, first day, first AFTERNOON of his solo vacation and has a broken femur. @lisaholt777 is already there, total boss that she is, but things are not easy going for her.

“As for my brother? He spent three days on a gurney in a hallway before the ever moved him to a room. We are still waiting for a surgery date, with no idea when. Told maybe Monday. So I am jumping on a last minute flight to Rome myself on Friday so my wife, who is there so Charles won’t be alone, will no longer be alone herself. I’ve packed my bags and I will stay until they are on their way home and then stay myself until my tour starts, I’ll head to Germany where I know so many friends. I don’t even have flights home for them yet as we still have no time frame for the surgery. I’m not rich. Unlike what the internet says( they say my singer is worth 11 mill more than me, I need a new accountant!) i am not worth a single million, or a quarter of that and keep going down from there.

“I am a working man, who plays guitar instead of using a hammer. Musical hammer perhaps. But I’m just a blue collar guy. And the debt being accumulated is REAL during all this, and more importantly, my brother will not be able to work for months. He works at a coffee shop. Recycles. All to save for these trips, after a harder life than you can imagine. It’s become his way of living. Solo travel to see the world.

“Please help, share, this has become an urgent need, I have barely slept since this happened, no one has, least of all Charles. But I’ll be happy to see him soon🤘🏻❤️ Link is in the link tree in my profile. Thank you

“Please share!!”

We wish Gary’s brother a speedy recovery and are thinking of the family during this difficult time <3

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