Dez Fafara To Release ‘Tell-All’ Autobiography About His Life In Coal Chamber + Devildriver

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Later this year, Devildriver and Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara is releasing the first volume of a two-part autobiography titled Loco: Chaos, Calamity, And Coal Chamber.

Per the book’s overview:

Loco is the first volume of [an] autobiography from Dez Fafara. The California-born and raised everyman is now the singer and leader of the band DevilDriver, artist manager, multiple brand owner, and motivational guru. In the period of time covered in Loco, though, Dez was just Bradley Fafara, a Hollywood club kid who escaped a lifetime wasted (in both senses) on the beach to become one of the 1990’s most vivid rock stars.

“With his band Coal Chamber, Dez pioneered a whole new sound and visual, touring the world, battling innumerable obstacles and ultimately breaking free to go solo with DevilDriver, the focus of Volume Two of Fafara’s two-book autobiography plan. Titled after Coal Chamber’s 1997 hit, Loco describes the arc of a man who was ripped off, let down, and beaten up, but who never quit—and who ultimately achieved his own form of redemption.”

During a recent chat with the Everblack podcast, Fafara talked about this upcoming autobiography, sharing (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“That’s gonna be a real tell-all. I think people are gonna get a chance to see where I come from as a kid. ‘Cause I left home early, slept under bridges, stole food, went to jail. And I think people are gonna really get a view of, like, ‘It’s a hard-knock life.'”

Dez Fafara formed Coal Chamber in 1993 and has, at the time of this writing, released five albums with the band. Come 2002, Fafara formed Devildriver and has released 10 albums (counting the band’s new album Dealing with Demons Volume II, which comes out this upcoming Friday).

If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy of Loco: Chaos, Calamity, And Coal Chamber, you can do so by following this link here. The book will be released on September 5th.

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