Death Metal Band Plays Outside GameStop On Night Of Zelda Launch

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A gig is a gig.


The anticipation surrounding the release of The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom has been an event in and of itself. As gamers the world over collectively ticked down the microseconds until their next trip to Hyrule, a longstanding extreme metal band saw an opportunity to reach a captive audience.


Severance are one of the longest running death metal bands in America. Having formed under the name Rest In Pain way back in 1989, the group changed their name to Severance in 1990. They released several demos and toured regionally until the release of their Abysmal Ascent 7” via Repulse Records, which earned Severance an international audience. Although their lineup has shifted considerably over the years, Severance’s trademark brand of brutal Tejas-flavored death metal hasn’t wavered one iota over four full length albums.


Although they have toured somewhat extensively in the States and eastern Europe over the years, Severance do not play live very often these days. However, something very special happened in McAllen, Texas the other night that kids will be talking about for years to come.


Details are spotty at the moment, but somehow the band wound up performing a concert for a line of gamers who were camped out outside of their local GameStop, patiently waiting for the new Zelda to drop. As Severance pummeled the crowd with tortuous riffs and glass gargled grunts of agony, a circle pit for the ages broke out. 


Now, when I use the phrase “circle pit for the ages” I literally mean ages five through ten. As documented through numerous social media posts, a group of children ran around in an adorable little circle as a brutal death metal band raged and their parents endured the march of time.


Don’t take my word for it; check out the life-changing footage right here!


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