Corey Taylor Talks Past Strained Relationship Between He and His Son

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Slipknot singer Corey Taylor and his son Giffin, the latter who is the vocalist of Vended, have a really great relationship with one another – but that wasn’t always the case.

While talking to the Battleline podcast, the Slipknot frontman talked about some of the challenges he has faced while raising his son. Among the points he brings up, he mentions how his prior relationship (before his marriage now) was “toxic,” and was “very hard” on Griffin. Speaking about the challenges he has faced raising his son, Corey Taylor shares (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“My son, I didn’t have to help him with anything, but he’s out on the road with his band, and they’re killing it. And in a way that’s brought he and I even closer, man, ’cause now he really, really gets it and we talk now more than we ever have, which, to me, it’s beautiful.

“There were definitely a couple of years where it was difficult. And part of that can just be human nature; part of that can be the fact that I was gone for giant chunks of his [early life]. It also didn’t help that the relationship I was in before my marriage now was very toxic; it was very hard on him. And in a lot of ways he blamed me, which he has every right to, because at the time I didn’t realize how bad it was.”

Taylor shares that, while he was on the road, he had a caretaker bring Griffin to school and that he was only partially in Griffin’s life. Taylor goes on to add that he found himself in a place of having to “relearn” who Griffin was, due to the inconsistency of not being wholly present. Further expanding upon how he and Griffin used to butt heads, Taylor says:

“Once he got older, there was definitely a push back and forth, because he was starting to kind of come into his own. And between the anger that he had for missing so much and the anger [from] the previous issues and the anxiety that kind of had sprung up in his life, because of my Midwestern way of being a father, which is to raise your voice and, ‘It doesn’t matter why. I want you to…’ — all of that shit. It was tough. So we butted heads for a few years, man.”

However, things did eventually change for the better between the two. Per Taylor: “And then one year, everything just kind of clicked, man, and we both looked at each other in a very different way and we were able to really kind of reconcile. Not that it was ever really bad, but it was weird enough that I really felt like, I was, like, ‘Man, I’m gonna lose him.'”

Being on the road as a parent can be one hell of a struggle; you want to be out and sharing your art with the world, but then you have a family at home you really want to spend time with.

And while it may have been a hell of a journey, it’s great to hear that Corey and Griffin have an awesome relationship now. The Slipknot frontman shares that when it comes to being a parent and raising your kid, “You never give up.”

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