Corey Taylor Gushes Over Sleep Token, Compares Them To Slipknot

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Sleep Token has gone from being a relatively underground act to becoming one of the biggest bands in modern pop culture. With some of their newer songs achieving viral success, Sleep Token is one of the few metal bands to really infiltrate the mainstream.

For a lot of young folks, it is likely that Sleep Token is their introduction to heavy music; however, the band isn’t only attracting non-metal listeners, for they are also catching the attention of big-name metal celebrities like Corey Taylor.

During a conversation with Allison Hagendorf, the Slipknot singer gushed about his fandom of Sleep Token. He shared how his wife got him into the band and how in awe he is by the various musical elements that are found within their material.

Talking about his fandom of Sleep Token (as transcribed by Revolver):

“When I first heard Sleep Token I was like, ‘What the hell is this, man?’ They, to me are one of the few new — I’ll call them metal, but there’re so many different levels and layers. There’s pop elements, there’s jazz elements … I love the fact that nobody really knows who they are. I love the fact that they don’t want to be known.”

Taylor even goes as far as to compare the band to early Slipknot. Specifically, this is what he has to say regarding the comparison:

“There are hints of early, early Slipknot there. At first we were like, ‘Nope. You get nothing. This is what you get, you figure it out. We’ll let the music speak for ourselves.’ When Alicia was like, ‘You have to check this out,’ I can remember sitting down and just going, ‘Jesus, this is really good.'”

The Slipknot vocalist then wraps up his feelings about the band by sharing some incredibly high praise: “It’s stuff like [Sleep Token] that gives me hope for the future.”

Do you agree with Corey Taylor? Do you think Sleep Token is a band that provides “hope” in terms of metal/music’s future? As of today, Sleep Token has released their third studio album, Take Me Back to Eden.

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