Corey Taylor Calls ‘BS’ On Slipknot Fans Demanding The Band Plays Deep-Cuts Live

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Slipknot singer Corey Taylor has never been hesitant to call out fans who have gotten under his skin. For example, last year, the vocalist shared some pretty strong words in regard to folks complaining about the band’s latest album, The End, So Far.

More recently, though, the frontman has called “bullshit” on some of the band’s fans, claiming that they are full of it when it comes to their demands that Slipknot plays deep-cut songs live.

At one point while talking to the All Things Music podcast, Taylor talked about a Slipknot song that he would love to play live, that being 2008’s “Gematria.” However, as much as Taylor would love to perform the song, he says it isn’t going to happen. Here is Taylor explaining why (as transcribed by Revolver):

“I’ve always wanted to open a concert with ‘Gematria.’ There are certain odiums around the way that that song was created and recorded, which is why some of the guys in the band are like, ‘Fuck that, we’ll never play it.’

“[The reason] isn’t even sentimental. It’s resentment. But for me, man, it’s such a fucking burner that I just love that song. I can listen to that shit all fucking day. It comes screaming out of no-fucking-where. But it’ll never happen. Unless the Pope ends up opening up for Slipknot someday, that shit will never happen.”

The Slipknot singer then follows this up by noting that “fans are fickle, too”; he adds that fans will complain and ask for certain deep-cut songs to be played live, and then when those songs are played, there isn’t much reaction from the fans. Here is exactly what the Slipknot frontman had to say about such fans:

“The fans are fickle, too. Because every other fucking fan page is like, ‘You fuckers never play ‘Metabolic.’ Then we bring it out and you could’ve heard a pin drop. Nobody gave a shit about ‘Metabolic’. It’s like, ya’ll are bullshit. Fuck all you motherfuckers.”

What do you make of Corey Taylor’s points regarding these demands from Slipknot’s fans and his feelings about such fans? What are some Slipknot songs the band never plays live that you’d love to hear?

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