Code Orange Calls Out Critics, Drops Bizarre Snuff Video For ‘Grooming My Replacement’

Via Code Orange
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Code Orange will always keep you on your toes.

Earlier today, the band teased a video titled ‘Code Orange SLAMS Modern Music Critics,’ with a thumbnail featuring a variety of YouTube personalities including Nik Nokturnal, Anthony Fantano and Finn Mckenty.

As the video premiered, of course, this wasn’t a Youtuber-style response to critics, but instead a hell of a way to announce new music.

The video starts with surveillance footage of a man tied to a chair with a hood over their face. Two presumed members of Code Orange walk out, standing next to the trapped prisoner as a new song plays out on a CRT tv just out of view. After walking around the prisoner, the video distorts, a strange static pattern emerges and one of the figures approaches the camera.

The figure then takes the camera, points it at the prisoner as the accomplice pulls out a suitcase filled with pliers, hammers and other instruments you’d rather not have forcefully applied to yourself. The torturer settles on a snubnosed pistol and a roll of duct tape, while a text message notification comes out saying “for what comes next I must confess.”

The accomplice then adds even more tape to the prisoner and takes the camera. The accomplice writes out a bunch of letters in a strange code, as a phone rings. The camera pans to a webcam as a new song plays out on the phone, though it’s hard to fully hear in its entirety (though it does sound pretty good).

Afterwards the accomplice slams the phone onto the floor of the dungeon as pieces go flying. The other masked member follows off-screen, and the prisoner frees himself, grabbing the gun, and pointing it to wear they walked to, as gunshots ring out.

In some alternate-reality camera trickery, the two come back to tie him back up. The video pans to the prisoner revealed to be singer Jami Morgan as the song starts.

The song really kicks, delivering a killer riff as Morgan finds a nice middle ground between screaming and singing. Electronic elements help augment the main riff as they deliver an absolutely disgusting breakdown that seems to just keep kicking.

Hell of a way to announce new music and drop a new song. The end of it also announces two new songs coming June 1st, titled “Grooming My Replacement” and “The Game.” Given the lyrics in the video, this was probably “Grooming My Replacement” so who knows who’s getting killed in “The Game.”

Check out the video below.