Billy Corgan Considered Kurt Cobain His ‘Greatest Opponent’

Billy Corgan: djdroga, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons / Kurt Cobain Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc) (via Getty Images)
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Throughout the years, when comparing himself to other musicians, there is only one artist Billy Corgan has considered to be his “greatest opponent” – the late Kurt Cobain.

During a recent conversation talking to Zane Lowe of Apple Music 1, The Smashing Pumpkins singer talked about how devastated he was by the news of Cobain’s death.

Corgan looked at Cobain as a profoundly talented individual, and when he found out that the Nirvana singer had died, Corgan says he cried because he lost his “greatest opponent.” Here is what The Smashing Pumpkins vocalist had to say about the impact Cobain’s death had on him (as transcribed by Revolver):

“When Kurt died, I cried because I lost my greatest opponent. I want to beat the best. I don’t want to win the championship because it’s just me and a bunch of gabronis, to use a wrestling term.

“It’s like, Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest sports competitor I’ll ever see in my lifetime? I mean, you want to talk about an alpha. That guy wanted to win the valet tip. You know what I mean?”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Corgan expressed the following about the late Nirvana frontman: “I will go down always as saying, Kurt was the most talented guy of our generation. Kurt had so much talent. It’s like frightening.

“It was like a John Lennon level of talent, where you’re like, how can you have all this talent? Or Prince, right? But Kurt’s not here, sadly. So I looked around, I was like, ‘All right, well, I could beat the rest of them for sure.'”

Cobain was a truly talented individual – a profound artist who was able to move an entire generation.

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