AI Was Used To Recreate Chester Bennington’s Voice and Have Him Sing The Lyrics To Stone Sour’s ‘Bother’

Chester Bennington Photo by Roger Kisby/WireImage (via Getty Images)
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Years ago, when hologram technology was used to recreate the images of Michael Jackson, Tupac, and the late Black Sabbath singer Ronnie James Dio for live performances, there was much debate over the moral implications of such technology.

Is it right to recreate the likeness of the dead for profit and entertainment? This is a moral question that many will have a different opinion on, but it is now something we also have to consider not just with hologram technology, but now AI.

Recently, over on TikTok, user airemixes uploaded an audio clip featuring the instrumentals of Stone Sour‘s song “Bother,” but instead of Corey Taylor‘s vocals, AI was used to reconstruct vocals from the late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington.

AI was able to take Bennington’s voice and have him sing the lyrics to Stone Sour’s “Bother.”

The result of this AI remix is astoundingly eerie and brings many questions to mind (both morally and creatively).

What if you wanted to hear what more recent Cannibal Corpse music sounded like with Chris Barnes covering vocals? Could you just feed AI instrumentals from a newer Cannibal Corpse song, and then feed it some vocals from Barnes? In turn, would this give us a remix of one of Cannibal Corpses’ newer songs, but Barnes is now screaming the exact lyrics George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher once screamed?

While the science behind this is interesting for sure, there is a lot of moral and creative gray space here as well.

If you are interested in hearing this remix featuring an AI Chester Bennington singing over Stone Sour’s “Bother,” you can hear the remix for yourself below.

What do you think of AI being used to create such music? Are you super against it? Does it excite you? Below you will find links to other AI-related stories.

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