Watch: WWE’s Edge Walks Out to Slayer’s ‘South of Heaven’ at Wrestlemania 39

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Whether you were there in person or watching from the comfort of your home, Wrestlemania 39 was one hell of a time. For those who may have missed out, the event took place over the course of this past weekend and was chock-full of incredible matches.

Along with the awesome matches though, there was a particularly exciting moment that metalheads surely will appreciate.

Among the superstars that make up the WWE, Edge is not only one of the organization’s best wrestlers – he is also a metalhead.

In the past, the WWE wrestler has shown off his love for the likes of Amon Amarth, and during Wrestlemania 39, he decided to use a Slayer song as his entrance music.

When it comes to past entrance music, Edge has walked out to “Metalingus,” which was created by Alter Bridge; but for Wrestlemania 39, it looks like Edge wanted to spice things up, so he made his “Brood Edge” entrance to Slayer’s “South of Heaven.”

Rocking a creepy metallic skull mask and an immense pair of black wings, Edge was easily one of the most visually iconic wrestlers at the event.

Seeing Edge walkout in this costume and to Slayer’s “South of Heaven” was nothing short of epic, and if you want to check out the iconic moment for yourself, you can do so via the YouTube player below.

Speaking of wrestling entrance music, we put together a feature covering seven times when metal and hard rock bands played WWE events. To see which bands we highlighted, follow the link below to the feature. Also, we recently highlighted Slayer’s South of Heaven in our 10 greatest thrash metal albums of all time feature. Below you will find what we had to say about the record but to read the full feature, follow the link below.

“One of the scariest and heaviest records to come out of thrash is, without a doubt, South of Heaven. As one of the Big Four, Slayer has crafted a plethora of amazing albums, but South of Heaven is their greatest achievement. As their fourth LP, the record features an astounding sense of atmosphere and theatricality; the opening self-titled track is an excellent introduction to the ominous sonic environment the band presents throughout South of Heaven. Throw in a bunch of super aggressively charged cuts, and you have one hell of a roaring thrash experience.”

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