Wes Borland Talks Downsizing His ‘Ridiculous’ Gear Collection + New Limp Bizkit Music

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Over the years, Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland has amassed a pretty large gear collection; in fact, this collection of his is so massive that, per Borland, he says he once had “five storage spaces full of stuff that [he] just wasn’t using.” But as of recently, the guitarist has made efforts to downsize that massive collection.

During a recent conversation with Guitar World, Borland talked about his past spending habit issues when it comes to music gear. He talks about how he has 27 guitars lying around that he doesn’t even play anymore, and how his collection has gotten “ridiculous.”

In regard to this collection, the Limp Bizkit guitarist shares the following:

“My habit for buying gear had gotten out of control. Yeah, it’s nice to have a bunch of different things, but how else do you stop a bad habit? I’d been accumulating for so many years that my collection had gotten ridiculous. There were five storage spaces full of stuff that I just wasn’t using. And I’m only getting rid of 60 percent of what I have in storage, like the 27 guitars I just don’t play anymore… My collection was so extensive that it kinda became a burden. It was almost like [reality television show] My 600-lb Life or something! I didn’t know how to lose the weight. It felt like so much work to get rid of all this stuff, which is where Analogr came along. They said, ‘We’ll take anything you don’t want and do all the work for you!’ And I was like, ‘Yes! I have a lot of stuff that I don’t need and want to clear out!’”

Speaking about his decision to sell off a portion of his collection, Borland shares: “Arriving at the decision to sell this stuff wasn’t too hard. I simply had too much. It was a bit like if I wanted new things I’d have to get rid of other things, whatever it might be that I haven’t used or played in a year or two.

“There are loads of microphones I got when I was younger that were just sitting there. After all these years of recording and engineering, there’s been a huge learning experience about what works best for me. A lot of stuff I’d gotten when I was younger and more naïve so I wasn’t really using it, for example there was this all-encompassing Telefunken drum mic set that I didn’t like as much as other sets I own. But there were still a few things I felt connected to…”

If you are interested in learning more about the items that Borland is selling, you can do so by heading over to Analogr.com. Elsewhere in the conversation, Borland talks about the band’s future plans to make new music. Speaking about the band’s desire to record and travel for a new album next year, Borland says:

“Yeah, we’re talking about writing during all the soundchecks this year because we’re doing so much touring. We want to get recording – we’re talking about a travel destination to make an album together next year. We’re looking at places, so new music… yessir! This thing has been going for so long. I thought it would last for a few years and I’d end up in art school saying ‘I was in a band once!’ But 27 years later, we’re still going, which is wild. I’ve been in Limp Bizkit for more than half my life. We get along better than ever now. No one is taking anything for granted. We’re all just happy to be here and having a lot of fun.”

2021’s Still Sucks was awesome, and whatever the band has planned for us next is sure to be a blast. Are you craving new music from the band?

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