Watch: Knocked Loose Brought A Chaotic Set To Coachella 2023

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This past weekend at Coachella 2023, Knocked Loose performed one of the wildest and heaviest sets that the festival has ever seen.

Per video footage uploaded to Twitter by Stray From The Path drummer Craig Reynolds, you will see the Coachella crowd losing their minds as Knocked Loose performs.

For a music festival that predominately features indie-rock, rap, pop, and electronic music, it is super awesome to see a heavy band featured as part of the Coachella lineup; additionally, it is also really awesome to see that band win over audiences big time.

Below you can find the exciting video footage of Knocked Loose’s Coachella 2023 performance that Reynolds uploaded to Twitter.

It is also worth noting that Knocked Loose is not the only hardcore act booked for Coachella 2023, for Soul Glo and Scowl are also part of the fest’s lineup.

Speaking of Knocked Loose, we recently highlighted them as one of the 10 bands representing heavy metal’s new headliners. This is what we had to say about the band:

“There are a lot of amazing bands that have helped hardcore reach mainstream audiences, possibly the biggest being Knocked Loose. As of 2023, it’s been 10 years since the band formed, and they have had one hell of a career already. The band has made its way onto some major mainstream festival lineups and has gotten big ups from the likes of M. Shadows and Corey Taylor. That all said, through their artistry, Knocked Loose has found a way to push heaviness in hardcore to its max range, which against all odds has only made them more beloved.”

If you are curious to see who else we consider to be heavy metal’s new headliners, follow the link below the Knocked Loose video.

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