Watch: Crazy Town Vocalists Get Into Violent Fist Fight

Crazytown Fight Each Other after show Myrtle Beach 04/23/23: RyRy, YouTube
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This past Sunday, members of the rap-rock band Crazy Town got into one hell of a brawl with one another.

This fistfight specifically involved Crazy Town members Shifty Shellshock and Bobby Reeves. On April 23rd, Crazy Town performed a show in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; however, Shellshock, the band’s frontman, did not show up for the performance.

Reeves, the band’s co-vocalist, was forced to not only cover his parts but also Shellshock’s. Toward the end of the band’s set, Shellshock arrived; it was sometime after Shellshock arrived that the two vocalists got into a fistfight with one another.

Per footage uploaded to TikTok (you can view this footage below), user jasonkeaton0813 wrote:

“Singer of Rock Band #crazytown get beat up by band member #shiftyshellshock after the show because Shifty didn’t show up for the show till after it was over. Myrtle Beach SC 4-23-2023″

Additionally, footage of the fight between Shellshock and Reeves has been uploaded online. Per this footage, you will see both Crazy Town members arguing over money. The video starts out with the two members fighting, but then they step back for a while to argue, only to start brawling again.

You can view the footage of this fight below, or also by following this link here. Please note a content warning for this video, for there are racial slurs said, as well as violent comments about harming children.

Also below, you will find footage of Reeves fronting the band at their Myrtle Beach show and Shellshock’s battered face (from after his fight with Reeves).

@jasonkeaton0813 Singer of Rock Band #crazytown get beat up by band member #shiftyshellshock ♬ original sound – Keaton

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