Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider May Return to Makeup to Support Drag Queens

Dee Snider: Alfred Nitsch, CC BY-SA 3.0 AT, Wikimedia Commons
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Former Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider has never been shy to vocalize his political views, and recently, he shared on Twitter that he may go back to wearing makeup again as a form of support to drag queens.

Recently, there has been a surge of legislation attempting to ban drag queen performances. Snider came across a tweet that mentioned a similar ban in Montana, which would inadvertently prohibit wrestling and glam rock shows too (a screenshot of this legislation is available below).

Snider retweeted this post, and in response wrote the following: “You know I haven’t worn the Twisted Sister Makeup in many years…but now I’m tempted to put it back on!”

A user replied to Snider’s retweet, saying how they and many citizens of Montana are dumbfounded by the decisions their political leaders are making. In response to this user, Snider wrote back saying:

“I’m willing to bet it’s the majority of you. The bullying minority is getting away with murder and it is time for the true majority to start pushing back…HARD!”

In a separate tweet, the former Twisted Sister singer wrote:

“LISTEN UP TRUE MAJORITY! Do you see what’s happening? We’ve allowed the bullying minorities to take control! The media gets blame for amplifying every idiotic thing said giving the appearance of it being “public opinion”. IT’S NOT! FIGHT BACK! PUSH BACK! TAKE BACK CONTROL!”

He then posted another tweet mentioning that he may go back to wearing makeup, and this time included a meme of John Wick saying “he’s back” (implying Snider’s potential return to wearing makeup). Alongside this meme, Snider wrote:

“I took off the @TwistedSisterny makeup more than a decade ago, but in light of the current stupidity in the USA it just might be time to start wearing it again!”

Dee Snider is absolutely one of the coolest dudes in heavy metal. What do you think of Snider wearing makeup again?

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