This Is What It Would Sound Like If Korn Wrote “Feel Good Inc.”

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Otu strikes again! 

The Finnish YouTube sensation behind Moonic Productions has proven to be a master of musical impersonations, creating hilarious sonic clones of our favorite bands the likes of which far surpass the best celebrity bits that Saturday Night Live has to offer. 

An Otu cover graced us with the answer to the question of what it would sound like if Nirvana wrote “Wonderwall.” He enlightened scholars, philosophers, and theologians by shedding light on the ancient mystery of what would happen if Sepultura wrote “Ice, Ice, Baby.” He examined the psychic puzzle of what life would be like if Metallica wrote “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.” When Dimebag Darrell himself reached the Pearly Gates of Heaven, Otu was there with the information that the greatest guitar player who ever lived had yearned for, to know what would happen if Pantera wrote “I Was Made For Lovin’ You.”

Now, dear readers, Otu has led us straight into the mind of God yet again to let us know what earth-shattering effects would occur if Korn wrote “Feel Good Inc.”

For the uninitiated, “Feel Good Inc.” is a megahit from mysterious virtual band Gorillaz. The project is primarily a longstanding collaboration between Damon Albarn of Blur and comic book artist Jamie Hewlett. The song “Feel Good Inc.”  features legendary hip hop group De La Soul. 

The second single from Gorillaz’ album Demon Days, “Feel Good Inc.” topped the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart for an astounding 14 weeks. The song was nominated in three categories in the 2006 Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year. It won the Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration. It has appeared in both Pitchfork Media and Rolling Stone’s Best Songs of the 2000s lists.

Check out Otu’s interpretation of Korn playing “Feel Good Inc.” below and prepare to have your mind blown!


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