The Metal Band Dave Grohl Considers The Heaviest of All Time

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Who do you consider to be the heaviest band of all time? Do you think it is Meshuggah? Cannibal Corpse? Perhaps Sunn O)))? Well recently, Foo Fighters singer and guitarist Dave Grohl chimed in on the debate and shared who he considers the heaviest band of all time to be.

Grohl took part in a special feature for this particular band’s 40th anniversary, providing a quote about how much they mean to him. So, who is this act that Dave Grohl considers to be the heaviest band of all time?

Per the Foo Fighters singer, he considers the heaviest band of all time to be none other than the Melvins. Speaking about what the band means to him, Grohl shares the following:

“Arguably one of the most influential artists of the past 40 years, the Melvins have still never relented from being the heaviest band of all time.

“From the day I dropped the needle on their 1987 debut album ‘Gluey Porch Treatments,’ I’ve been inspired by their signature, staggered feel.

“Much like countless other bands who look up to them as the kings of the Northwest music scene.”

Grohl then concludes his comments by thanking the Melvins for helping him connect with Nirvana: “Oh, and thank you for giving me Nirvana’s phone number.”

Four years after they formed, the Melvins would release their debut studio album, titled Gluey Porch Treatments. Since their formation, the Melvins have gone on to become one of the most influential bands in heavy music. With the band celebrating a major anniversary this year, it would be awesome to hear them announce some touring plans.

What do you make of Dave Grohl’s pick for “the heaviest band of all time”? Do you agree with him? We recently wrote up a feature naming who we consider to be the 10 heaviest bands of all time; to check who we highlighted, follow the link below.

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