The 10 Greatest Fictional Metal + Rock Bands of All Time

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While it makes a lot of sense for folks to be excited about new Dethklok music, it’s also really fascinating considering that they are a fictional metal band. All the hype surrounding the band’s new music, movie, and tour got us thinking… “What other fictional bands would get folks just as excited if they were to go on tour or release music?”

And the more we thought about it, we started to realize that, funny enough, there are actually some really great fictional metal and rock bands.

We did some research pulling from cartoons and live-action films, and we compiled a list of the 10 greatest fictional metal and rock bands of all time.


Of course, first and foremost, we have to shout out Dethklok. For as goofy as the band can be, they are also capable of making some of the most thrilling music in metal. Throw on any Dethklok song and you are bound to feel a jolt of adrenaline course through you. It’s awesome to hear that Dethalbum IV is on the way, as well as a new movie because that means there is even more amazing death metal to come.

Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn is something we wish South Park ran with even more. In the episode titled “Band in China,” Stan and the guys start up a band called Crimson Dawn and unleash crushing death metal upon the residents of South Park. Fun little bit of trivia about the band – the song they play is actually a Dying Fetus track called “Second Skin.”

Spinal Tap

While meant to be a comical tribute to bands like Motörhead, Spinal Tap’s music is actually really killer. Embracing the technicality and creative flair of old-school heavy metal acts, the fictional band brings a very welcoming playful spin to their music. Hell, the band excited folks so much that the members who made up the fictional band ended up releasing albums and playing several concerts under the Spinal Tap name.

The Hex Girls

Having made their first appearance in the movie Scooby-Doo! and the Witch’s Ghost, The Hex Girls have become a beloved part of the Scooby-Doo fandom. Featuring qualities of goth rock and pop-punk, the artists behind The Hex Girls know how to craft super catchy tunes. The band has become so popular that they’ve gone on to appear in other Scooby-Doo-related media.

The Beets

For those unfamiliar, The Beets is a band that exists within the world of Nickelodeon’s Doug. Blending together the Ramones and The Police, The Beets make for one heck of a catchy rock act. While they are more of a rock band that blends some punk and surf-rock elements, they are also meant to be a visual parody of The Beatles.

Mystik Spiral

Daria was an amazing show that knew how to masterfully poke fun at pop culture, and one prime example of that is the band Mystik Spiral. Sonically, the band leans into the grunge and alternative rock sound of the ’90s, featuring goofy lyrics that playfully make fun of some of the melodramatic songs bands of the time were creating.


Continuing to poke fun at the grunge scene is Homer Simpson’s band Sadgasm. While being a comical parody of bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden, the music of Sadgasm is actually pretty appealing (even though it is super goofy). We dare you to not bust a gut laughing while watching the clip below for Sadgasm’s song “Margerine.”

Sex Bob-Omb

From the world of Scott Pilgrim comes Sex Bob-Omb, an indie band that incorporates elements of punk, garage rock, and noise rock. For folks who are fans of bands like The Coathangers, FIDLAR, or The Stokes, you will probably find yourself really into Sex Bob-Omb. Given how beloved Scott Pilgrim is, it would be very cool to see the actors come together and perform the band’s music live.


Released in 2000, Almost Famous is a look back in time to rock and roll of the 1970s; in presenting that era of rock, writer and director Cameron Crowe came up with Stillwater (who is a nod to such bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival). Funny enough, there actually is a real “Stillwater,” and Crowe had to get permission from the band to use their name. But when it comes to the fictional Stillwater, the band sure does know how to rock.

Crucial Taunt

From Wayne’s World comes Cassandra’s band Crucial Taunt, a rock band with a little bit of a punk edge. While the band’s instrumentals sound awesome, Cassandra’s vocal performance is easily the standout quality of Crucial Taunt. Whenever the band’s music is being played, her vocals always bring exciting energy to each performance.