Revocation’s David Davidson Breaks Wrist, Continues Tour

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After a tornado caused a fatal roof collapse at a stop in Belvidere, Indiana during Morbid Angel current tour with Revocation and Vitriol, you might think that things couldn’t get any worse.

Well, think again. 

This time, a freak on-stage accident caused Revocation’s David Davidson to fall and break his wrist. As seen on his instagram, Davidson’s right arm is now in a cast, forcing the frontman to abandon guitar duties and stick to vocals for the remainder of the tour.

“As many of you have noticed, I haven’t been playing guitar the past few nights on tour. I took a gnarly fall while performing on stage in Cincinnati when I tripped over a cable. I fell backwards and instinctively threw my wrist back to break my fall, but unfortunately I broke my wrist in the process. I could tell something was wrong as soon as I stood up but I ended up finishing the set and was hoping it was just a sprain. Got checked out the next day and the x ray showed I did in fact break my wrist, doctor said I won’t be able to play for the next 6-8 weeks which is a total bummer but I’ve decided to soldier on, pull a Hetfield and finish the rest of the tour on vocals. Come out to the rest of the dates and dust off your air guitars, I could use a hand with the solos.”

You’ve gotta admire the guy’s tenacity. Where other people might pack it up and call it a day, the dedication of Davidson and his bandmates propels them forward. It might be a bummer not to see him play guitar, but it’s important to remember that the guy is a vocal powerhouse. 

Revocation soldiers on, stronger than ever. Their tour with Morbid Angel and Vitriol continues on the dates below:

Morbid Angel w/Revocation and Vitriol

  • Apr. 14 – Empire Live – Albany, NY [Tickets]
    Apr. 15 – Worcester Palladium – Worcester, MA [Tickets]
    Apr. 16 – Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD [Tickets]
    Apr. 18 – The Concourse – Knoxville, TN [Tickets]
    Apr. 19 – The Masquerade (Heaven) – Atlanta, GA [Tickets]
    Apr. 21 – The Orpheum – Tampa, FL [Tickets]
    Apr. 22 – The Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL [Tickets]


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