Watch: Rammstein Singer Takes Part In a Surreal, Unhinged Poker Commercial, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Rammstein singer Till Lindemann recently took part in a commercial for an online German poker website, and it is an absolutely unhinged experience.

In a new commercial for GGPoker, Lindemann plays several characters who sit around a table and take part in a game of poker. Among the men at the table is also a woman; there is also a lone waiter who appears from time to time.

As the camera makes its way around the table, the audience is brought into several fantasy worlds – one for each character Lindemann is playing.

In each of these worlds, the woman is also present; however, she and the worlds themselves are presented in various visual styles depending on whose mind we are looking into.

For example, in one fantastical setting, she is fighting one of the Lindemann characters with a sword in this industrial-looking place.

In a different setting, she stands as a giant above another Lindemann character in a lab; eventually, that character ends up throwing up loads of poker chips.

The commercial is extra as hell but in a very good way.

If you are interested in checking out the Rammstein singer in this surreal GGPoker commercial, you can do so via the video below.

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