Nita Strauss Says Demi Lovato Got Her Into An Awesome Deathcore Band

Nita Strauss: Ralph Arvesen, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons / Demi Lovato: Neon Tommy, Picasa, Uploaded by WikiCelebs, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons
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While some may turn their nose up at the idea of Demi Lovato being a metalhead, the pop star has proven more than once that she is deserving of metal cred. Along with Lovato being vocal about her metal fandom, she’s also gotten a shoutout from Disturbed singer David Draiman and has even worked with a couple of metal artists – one of those individuals being Linkin Park member Mike Shinoda.

Another metalhead artist she has worked with is the super-talented Nita Strauss, who recently shared that Lovato introduced her to some awesome new metal tunes.

On the guitarist’s Instagram account, within her Instagram Stories, she has posted a screenshot of her listening to Bodysnatcher‘s 2021 single, “Take Me To Hell” – and it’s within this post that Strauss reveals that Lovato introduced her to Bodysnatcher’s music.

Per onscreen text she provides with the post, Strauss writes: “@ddlovato just introduced me to @bodysnatcherfl and this RIIIIFFFFFFF is [followed by several “okay” emojis and several “triumph” emojis].”

For those unaware, Bodysnatcher is a deathcore band from Florida; their most recent album is 2022’s Bleed-Abide.

It’s one thing to hear Lovato talk about her metal fandom, but for her to be introducing new metal tunes to iconic metal artists? That’s badass as hell. Speaking of Lovato and Strauss, the guitarist also recently shared on Twitter that she was surprised to learn about some bands the pop star is into.

On Twitter, Lambgoat posted a tweet asking “Who are some professionals/celebrities out there that listen to heavy music but you wouldn’t think they listen to heavy music?” In response to this, Strauss replied and wrote:

“Demi name dropping JFAC and Abigail Williams as some of her favorite bands surprised me when I first heard it (it doesn’t surprise me now haha)”

You can find this Twitter comment from Strauss, as well as a screenshot of her Instagram Stories post involving Bodysnatcher and Demi Lovato, below. What do you make of Demi Lovato’s metal fandom?

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