Nikki Sixx Pours Gas On Mick Mars Fire With New Statement

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The Motley Crue scab saga rages on. 


According to bassist and songwriter Nikki Sixx, the band are nearly finished working on new material with replacement guitarist John 5. The news comes under the background of an acrimonious legal battle with longtime Crue axeman Mick Mars.

For those of you who have been hibernating for the winter, Mick Mars stepped away from touring with Motley Crue last October, citing his ongoing battle with Ankylosing Spondylitis as reason for his departure. The band initially hired John 5 as a touring guitarist, but the relationship evolved into a full-fledged creative endeavor as Mars let it be known that outside of just medical issues, he was disappointed in Motley Crue’s use of backing tracks on their last run of concerts.

Mick Mars filed a lawsuit against his bandmates, claiming that they withheld information about incomes, to which the guitarist is entitled a 25% stake in. The band tried to get him to sign a severance agreement that would divest him of his 25% in favor of a lump sum of 5% stake for Motley Crue’s 2023 tour (which was later bumped up to 7.5). He declined.


Motley Crue deny all allegations and claim that Mars is being taken advantage of by his representatives.


In a new statement to Facebook, Sixx seemed to rub in the fact that the band are having fun in spite of Mars, saying:


“I have to say when I was a teenager I had no idea being in a band could garner so much love and so much hate. What a great original journey I’ve got to travel over the years watching people have so many feelings about our band. THANK YOU.——We just left rehearsal finally because they kicked us out. After we ran the set we just sat around and cracked jokes and enjoyed not playing or recording for moment.”


As he continued, the bassist elaborated on the musical progression of the new record:


“Pretty much wrapped up most of the songs so it’s all vocals from here on out. These songs are personal. You’ll understand more later. Being in a band for 42 years you have to constantly look for inspiration.—- and I can’t believe we’re leaving soon for Europe. We’re gonna be there for two months.


“I’m bringing my family and gonna really make a point to get out and also make time for some photography. Leica Camera sent me the new M11 and the SL2 to test out. Can’t wait and can’t wait to play all these shows. I’m just living in gratitude everyday. And thank you to the lovers and the haters. You keep me inspired.Oh and as you can see we actually never took a break. Just came home from tour and back to work. I guess I’ll rest next time I die?”


Read Nikki Sixx’s facebook statement here.

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