Metallica’s Isolated Guitar Tracks To “Inamorata” Are Devastating

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Metallica’s latest opus, 72 Seasons, has been out in the public for a week. Since Metallica’s return to form over their previous two albums, Death Magnetic in 2008 and Hardwired… To Self Destruct in 2016, fans have remained cautiously optimistic about new music from the Four Horsemen. As the band has slowed down their stream of output to one new record every decade or so, the songwriting quality has consistently improved. However, it’s hard to let go of the past, and anyone who feels burned by Load, Reload, and St. Anger has every right to be skeptical. The 1990s and early 2000s were dark times for us all.

So far, the general reaction to 72 Seasons has been mostly positive. Sure, Lars still plays drums like Lars (for better or worse). Yes, Kirk Hammett’s guitar solos aren’t as face-meltingly intense as they used to be. Fans who have stepped back from the minutiae have accepted 72 Seasons with open hearts (for the most part, that is)

For some, the conceptual strength of James Hetfield’s anguished lyrics carries 72 Seasons. Hetfield’s pain, complimented by the band’s sonic explorations into elements of their entire back catalog, complete a heartbreaking picture of emotional depth and weight. The album is more relatable to many fans than comfort allows.

The crown jewel of 72 Seasons is undoubtedly album closer “Inamorata.” At a daunting eleven minutes, it is the longest song that Metallica have ever recorded. Far from dull, “Inamorata” features the band playing with the sweeping passion of a juggernaut musical force at their best. Metallica put every iota of their souls into every devastating note.

Now, the YouTube channel Isolated Tracks has unveiled the lone guitar takes from the epic song, giving fans a deeper insight into the technical prowess of James and Kirk.

Check out the isolated guitar tracks below


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