Metallica Unleashes New “Room Of Mirrors” Animated Video

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Metallica has no interest in letting the 72 Seasons press cycle slow down.

The band has just released an animated music video for their track “Room Of Mirrors“. 

Directed by Tristan Zammit, the video shows cartoon versions of the Bay Area thrash legends jamming in a decrepit haunted house. The animation moves at a breakneck pace, littered with psychedelic swirls, kaleidoscopic shapes, and creepy images all around. 

James Hetfield belts out words of anguish in a padded cell, surrounded by hanging portraits (or are they mirrors into his past or something? I’m not sure, but people are headbanging in them). Ghosts that look like Chain Chomp from Super Mario Bros. and disembodied eyeballs and the old lady from The Shining (well, her hand at least) all make appearances. 

At some points, cartoon Metallica is playing on what appears to be a kitchen table surrounded by spooky specters. Are they about to be devoured by these spirits? I don’t really know, but (SPOILER ALERT) the house blows up or is sucked into another dimension or something before we get a chance to find out.

The song itself is a certified ripper, with a catchy chorus, multiple epic solos, and a propulsive rhythmic glue to hold it all together

72 Seasons was released on April 14th on Metallica’s own Blackened Recordings. Clocking in just shy of 80 minutes, the album is a wild ride that harkens back to the band at their fastest. Although reminiscent of their heyday, the lyrical content shows a maturity that only comes through a lifetime of pain and alienation. It is clear that James Hetfield has gone through hell several times over. The man has the scars and is eager to tell his war stories. 

You can watch the video for “Room Of Mirrors” below. Check out 72 Seasons wherever you get your music.

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