Metallica Guide Us Through 72 Seasons With New Track-By-Track

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Well, here we are. It is April 14th in the Year of our Lord 2023 and Metallica’s long-awaited oeuvre 72 Seasons has finally been unleashed on the world. 

Before you get bludgeoned by 77 minutes of unmitigated Metallica madness, why not allow James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Rob Trujillo to give you a guided tour through each song? Fortunately for us, the Four Horsemen have graced us with an insightful 72 Seasons track-by-track video. 

Posted on their socials early this morning, the short walkthrough provides a good deal of levity and background for each individual song. Here are some highlights:

Rob Trujillo says of the album intro, “[it’s a] fast, in-your-face fusion of thrash, with Kurt’s name written all over it.”

Of the song “Shadows Fall,” Lars Ulrich calls it, “A stomper. This main riff to me has got that kind of stomping [imitates guitar riff] stomp-along. I don’t know, the word ‘stomp’ just comes up.”

James Hetfield says of “Screaming Suicide” that, “it’s got an old school new wave of british metal [feeling], I would say. Basically, [the song is about] facing your fears, in the song.”

Speaking of “Sleepwalk My Life Away,” Kirk Hammet says that, “It’s a very cool sort of song in that it’s a bit mid-tempo, totally rocking, has really good dynamics shifts in it.”

Of the track “You Must Burn,” Rob Trujillo say it is, “probably one of my favorite middle sections ever.” It’s a sentiment echoed by James, who says that, “a really awesome riff came out of the bass line.”

Speaking on the single Lux Æterna, James says that it’s, “a short, sweet, kick-ass song about feeling the energy and the light and the vibe of a live concert.” Kirk says that his guitar solo is, “more for effect than anything else.”

Kirk says that “Crown Of Barbed Wire” is, “super, super heavy,” and says tells us that Rob calls the riff, “the Cheech and Chong riff.”

Speaking on “Chasing Light,” Lars says, “That’s right, there is no light. Good energy in this one, good energy [imitates drum sounds].” James elaborates that, “for me, it’s about judging the youth of the world or the homeless, seeing them as a soul.”

Regarding “If Darkness Had A Son,” Kirk says that it “has such a great chorus. Super melodic. That type of chorus is kind of a new thing that has developed with us over the last two or three albums.”

Rob says of “Too Far Gone?” that it “really does sort of take you on a journey. It’s a song that reminds you of being on the road. The travel song.”

Of the track “Room Of Mirrors,” Lars says that it “may get you where you’re going just slightly faster if you’re driving. I’m not encouraging anybody to break any laws or do anything above speed limits, but it just may get you into that sixth gear.”

James says of “Inamorata” that it’s about “having a love affair with misery,” and called it “a long, classic song that screamed out to end the album.”

Watch the video via their Twitter below:

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