Metallica Credits Ozzy Osbourne for Giving Them First Big Break

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Metallica recently was on The Howard Stern Show where they jammed out and played a new single off their upcoming album 72 Seasons and talked about why they owe everything to Ozzy Osbourne.

Lars Ulrich says “Ozzy at that time when his solo career was really going he was known to bring out bands that were kind of on the verge of breaking. The time before he took us out he brought Motley Crue out and did a whole U.S. tour with Motley Crue and that also elevated them to the level they’re currently at.” 

Ozzy is who gave Metallica their first big break, but the shout-out didn’t stop there, the band also credited Sharon Osbourne for helping them get to where they are now.

“They were kind enough to take us and give us that shout. And five years earlier James and I were meeting and talking and sitting there trying to figure out what we were going to do and now we were out playing arena in America,” the Metallic drummer said.

Ulrich describes it as “such a transformative time” and even recalls playing Black Sabbath songs during sound checks in an attempt to get Ozzy Osbourne to sing with them. As they’re talking about this the band breaks out in a Black Sabbath song for a quick little bit. 

Howard Stern then plays a clip of Metallica performing “Iron Man” together with Ozzy while inducting Black Sabbath into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. You can see the band getting visibility excited reminiscing on such a majorly epic moment, James Hetfield literally starts clapping and jumping.

Watch Metallica take a look back at how they got their first big break and why they’ll always be a fan of the Osbournes.

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