Watch: Metal Celebs Reimagined As Terrifying Balenciaga Models Thanks To AI

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Have you ever had this random thought: “I wonder what Phil Anselmo, James Hetfield, Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Mustaine, Rob Halford, or Kerry King might look like as a Balenciaga supermodel?” Well, if you have ever been curious to see what these metalheads might look like as fashion runway models, you are now in luck.

TikTok user bradleyhallguitar recently used AI technology to reimagine each of these iconic heavy metal legends (and more) as fashion models.

Per the video you will find below, AI tech took the likeness of Lemmy, Lars Ulrich, and other metal artists, and dressed each of them up in high fashion.

Some of the AI deep-fake results are startling – celebrities like Mustaine, Iommi, and Lemmy look eerily on point.

Alongside the AI visuals, there are also some comical moments of dialogue. For example, the “Ozzy Osbourne deep-fake” says, “Forget the crazy train, I’m boarding the first train to fashion city. Next stop, Balenciaga baby!”

If you are curious to see what each of these metal legends looks like as a Balenciaga model, you can see for yourself via the video below.

AI can do some wild stuff; for a while now, folks have been using the technology to make some incredibly fascinating music videos. Below you will find a couple of links to some AI-generated music videos.

Recently, Avenged Sevenfold singer M. Shadows talked about AI technology being used to write music. Among the multiple points he expressed, one comment he made was, “After aggregating what already exists of your favorite band, AI will be able to create limitless variants, instantly. Musicians now, more than ever, need to take us places we have never gone.”

To find out what else he had to say, follow the link below the video.

@bradleyhallguitar These Balenciaga AI memes recently have been gold lmao so I figured our lil’ corner of the internet needed one too 🥵 #metal #guitar #balenciaga ♬ original sound – Bradley Hall

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