Max Cavalera’s Favorite Sepultura Song May Surprise You

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During his time fronting Sepultura, Max Cavalera helped to create a boatload of amazing songs. But of all those songs, which one could be his favorite? While in Sepultura, Cavalera created six albums – so that’s a lot of tracks to consider.

That said, as part of a feature with Revolver, the ex-Sepultura singer did reveal what his favorite track from the band happens to be. Before it’s revealed, can you guess what song it might be? Here’s a hint… it is a song from the band’s album Arise.

Okay, Cavalera’s favorite Sepultura song is none other than – “Arise.” Talking about why this is his favorite song from the band, Cavalera shares the following:

“That’s my favorite. That’s my favorite track, especially the main riff.

“I remember writing that and going, ‘Oh, yeah, this is sick,’ because it’s like… And I think it’s a big influence by [Metallica’s] ‘Blackened,’ if I’m not mistaken. It’s same kind of idea, but we made it thrashier and just more energetic. But I think it’s cool.

“That, to me, is like the prototype of a death-thrash song. It’s perfect. There’s nothing you can add to make it better.

“And if you take anything out of it, it ruins it. It’s like it’s perfect the way it is. So, I’m very proud of that one.”

What do you make of Cavalera’s pick? Is “Arise” also your favorite Sepultura song? And if not, what is your favorite track from the band?

Speaking of Sepultura, come this May, the band will be hitting the road for a new tour. They will be performing alongside Kreator, Spiritworld, and Death Angel. If you are interested in seeing the band live, below you will find all the dates and locations associated with their tour.

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  • 5/12 – Harrisburg, PA
    5/13 – Worcester, MA
    5/14 – Niagara Falls, NY
    5/15 – Silver Springs, MD
    5/17 – McKees Rocks, PA
    5/18 – Charlotte, NC
    5/19 – Atlanta, GA
    5/22 – Dallas, TX
    5/23 – San Antonio, TX
    5/25 – Phoenix, AZ
    5/26 – San Diego, CA
    5/27 – Los Angeles, CA
    5/28 – San Francisco, CA
    5/30 – Seattle, WA
    5/31 – Vancouver, BC
    6/2 – Salt Lake City, UT
    6/3 – Denver, CO
    6/5 – Minneapolis, MN
    6/6 – Chicago, IL
    6/8 – Toronto, ON
    6/9 – Montreal, QC
    6/10 – New York, NY