Korn’s Brian ‘Head’ Welch Thinks This Is ‘The Ultimate Metal Album’

Korn guitarist Brian Head Welch - Korn Facebook
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Metallica’s influence on heavy music over the past few decades is undeniable. So it shouldn’t be entirely surprising that so many of the biggest heavy bands of the modern era cite them and their art as a huge influence.

For our money, Master of Puppets is a top ten perfect all-time metal album. Front to back, it’s just banger after banger. And Brian ‘Head’ Welch of Korn shares the same sentiments.

Per a conversation with Metal Hammer, Welch cited it as the ultimate metal album, and he’s, well, very correct here:

“I’d say Master of Puppets is just the ultimate metal album to me.

As far as ‘heavy’ and ‘really catchy’ goes, it’s definitely the best. It’s also got those great, long songs that take you on a big journey, super in-your-face but they’re super melodic, too.

Master of Puppets has got massive hooks but it also hits you super hard.”

Ironically, Korn singer Jonathan Davis got himself into a bit of hot water years back when Korn had the opportunity to tour with the metal legends. Per Davis:

“We went out on tour with Metallica, our first Metallica tour, and I said something in the press and they took it and they cut it out, the quote, and they put it all over the arena. And the quote was, ‘I liked Metallica better when they were men.’ [laughs] And I felt so horrible. And they came and go, ‘You talking shit?’ I was all, ‘Yes. I’m sorry.’ I was intimidated. That’s James Hetfield and Kirk [Hammett] and all those guys just looking at me. It’s my first tour with them. I mean, I love ’em now don’t get me wrong — but, yeah, I said shit. ‘Cause it was kind of weird.”

It’s all love in the years since that tour, though, as Korn has gone on to cover ‘One’ live many times since, including as part of MTV’s Icons tribute to Metallica in 2003. Real recognizes real!