Kirk Hammett Claps Back At Haters Dissing His ‘Lux Æterna’ Guitar Solo Performance

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While there are many folks excited about the new Metallica album, there are also some who have been judgemental about the new music the band has released thus far. Among such criticism are those who complain about Kirk Hammett‘s guitar solo in “Lux Æterna.” During a recent interview with Total Guitar, Hammett provided a response to those who have criticized his solo in the song.

But what is this negative criticism about specifically? Well, in short, some people have complained that it sounds too simple. In response to this kind of criticism, Hammett admits that his friends could “probably play a better solo,” but he also says that his performance is “appropriate” for the song. Per Hammett:

“Yeah, my fucking friends down the street could probably play a better solo than Lux Æterna – but what’s the point?. For me, what’s appropriate is playing for the song and playing in the moment.”

Continuing to talk about this criticism, Hammett adds: “I was just laughing the whole time. I could string together like six or seven three-octave arpeggios in 16th notes, sit there every day and practice it and go, ‘Hey, look what I can do!’ but where am I gonna put it? That won’t work in any Metallica song!”

Elsewhere in the conversation, the Metallica guitarist talks about how the kinds of solos implemented into Metallica songs have changed over time as the band has evolved.

“I know my modes, Hungarian scales, symmetrical scales, I know all that shit. Is it appropriate? Maybe earlier in our time, but not now. What’s more appropriate is coming up with melodies that are more like vocal melodies. And guess what? The best scale for mimicking vocal melodies is the pentatonic.”

Hammett then talks about how challenging the pentatonic scale is: “It’s actually harder to say stuff with pentatonics because you don’t have that many notes. It’s easier to play modal. I will challenge anyone on that.”

What do you make of Kirk Hammett’s guitar points? What do you think of his solo in “Lux Æterna”? The new Metallica album 72 Seasons is out this Friday.

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