Ex-Iron Maiden Singer Blaze Bayley Undergoes Triple Bypass Heart Surgery

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Blaze Bayley is having triple bypass surgery after suffering a heart attack in late March. The former Iron Maiden singer is getting the surgery today and we’re sending him the best and wishing for a quick and easy recovery.

If you’re like me, you know it sounds serious but you’re wondering what exactly the surgery entails. “Triple bypass surgery is a treatment for people who have multiple blockages in their coronary arteries, which supply blood to their heart muscle. Using a blood vessel from another part of your body, a surgeon creates a bypass route for blood to go around blocked artery sections. This allows blood to keep flowing to your heart muscle,” according to the Cleveland Clinic.

His management/booking team posted this statement on social media today,

“As you know, since his heart attack, Blaze has been awaiting heart surgery. This week he was transferred to a specialist heart unit, & this afternoon has been taken down to the operating theatre for a triple heart bypass. This is the first major step at the start of his treatment & recovery.”

“Blaze is an absolute Warrior & I know you will all join us in sending him your love, support & energy towards a successful operation & a very positive recovery to good health afterwards,” the statement continues. “It will be several hours before the operation is complete but we will update you again as promised, as & when we have more news. Thank you everyone. You know how much your support means.”

The singer was in Iron Maiden from 1994 until 1999 and has since released tons of music as a solo artist. Blaze was “utterly disappointed” that he had to postpone shows and we hope he can get back to doing what he loves soon.

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