Corey Taylor Wants “Something That’s Real” From New Bands

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Corey Taylor becomes more relevant to the overarching world of heavy music with each passing day. The Slipknot frontman recently revealed that his tentatively titled CMFT2 solo album will indeed come out this year on his own BMG imprint.


The new label is called Decibel Cooper/BMG. In typical Corey Taylor altruistic fashion, he intends to use the platform to help out new bands. He told Billboard: “Decibel Cooper will not only allow me to release my own music and art worldwide, but it also gives me a solid way to help bolster any rad new acts I want to put on the roster. BMG is going to help me put my money where my mouth is — giving a boost to the next generation” 


When asked about his plans for the label in a new interview with The Archive of B-Sox, Taylor had this to say (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):


“I’m really excited [about it]. This is the first major step in something that I’ve been building towards for a long time — not only my solo career but me trying to help do my part to bolster the next generation of hard or heavy new music, whether it’s rock, punk, metal, regardless.


“I’m always trying to put my money where my mouth is, and for me, being able to go out and discover talent now and try to help them get a foot up when largely sometimes that whole label or studio mechanism doesn’t really allow for the aberrant talent to kind of get through, it tends to play against type.


“So for me, it’s just one more notch in my bat where I can break through some walls for people, man. So I’m really stoked. I’m really looking forward to it.”


As far as what he looks for in younger bands, Taylor explains:


“It all depends. The thing that I look for, really, first is something that catches me. I look for passion. I look for the ability to really pull it off live, which, to me, is a dying… and I mean ‘live live’; I don’t mean iPads and MacBook Pros and all that stuff.


“I mean a band that’s up there gritty, raw — flaws and all. You don’t have to hit all the perfect notes to make a perfect show. I want something that’s real. That’s my biggest thing. So that’s what I look for. I look for passion; I look for aggression.


“I look for something in the eyes that lets you know that when they’re playing music, that’s when they truly feel alive. ‘Cause that’s [how I am] — when I’m onstage, that’s when I know I’m doing something that I was born to do.”

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