Corey Taylor Thinks This Actor Should Play Him in a Slipknot Movie

Corey Taylor Photo by Gus Stewart/Redferns (via Getty Images)
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Recently, band frontman Corey Taylor was asked to share who he thinks could play him in a theoretical Slipknot movie, and the singer’s pick may come as a surprise to you. In the past, there has been some brief talk of a theoretical Slipknot movie, that said, at the time of this writing, nothing explicit has been confirmed in regard to an actual movie coming out.

While talking to Metal Hammer, Taylor was asked who he thinks could play him in a Slipknot biopic. When it comes to the actor who comes to mind first, the Slipknot singer shares the following:

“Oh god! I’d have said Taron Egerton if he hadn’t played Elton John [in 2019’s Rocketman], ha ha. We’ve got the same build – he’s got the neck. He’s stockier than I, but I’ve had times in my life where I’ve been pretty fuckin’ fit and I just think body-wise he’d be spot on.”

Egerton is a great pick, but Taylor also mentions a backup choice. When it comes to picking a Hollywood actor he thinks could play a modern-day version of himself, Taylor says:

“If I had to do it at my age now, I’d probably say Tom Hardy. He’s scrappy and just doesn’t give a fuck – he’s one of my favourite actors. I could see him pulling off the passion I’ve got when I just wanna rip the mask off and scream in everyone’s face.”

What do you make of Taylor’s picks? Could you see Taron Egerton or Tom Hardy playing the Slipknot frontman?

It would be incredibly cool to see a Slipknot biopic. Last year, Slipknot member Shawn “Clown” Crahan talked about the idea of a Slipknot movie, speaking about what he would want to see from such a film. Among the comments he shared, Clown said:

“I’m not a writer. I can only give you the stories. But if I sat down with some really creative [screenwriters], I would be able to tell them all these ideas and we could come up with something that would make people say, ‘Yes, we’ll give you the money to make that.’”

Would you be excited to see a Slipknot movie? Who are some other metal bands you would like to see get the biopic treatment?

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