Check Out Unearthed Joey Jordison Collaboration With Legendary Hardcore Guitarist

Joey Jordison by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images
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The death of Slipknot’s Joey Jordison in 2021 left a void in the world of heavy metal that can never be filled.

His seemingly boundless talents and abilities were only ever eclipsed by his own sense of curiosity and wonder. Although #1 left behind enough records and wonderful memories to last us all several lifetimes, it still stings to think of what else he might have accomplished with a little more time.

From Anal Blast to Slipknot and beyond, Joey was an architect of brilliantly calculated extremes. Of his many projects, one that sadly will never be completed is his collaboration with Matt Baumbach, formerly of Long Island Hardcore legends Vision Of Disorder.

The two musicians hit it off while working together on the 2005 Roadrunner United album and endeavored to create a more focused project, even going as far as recruiting an unannounced singer.

Unfortunately, the band never got a proper chance to become more than a pipe dream due to scheduling conflicts and unfortunate timing.

Fortunately for us, Baumbach as of late has been incrementally releasing the sketches that he and Jordison had been working on together (although it’s not 100% clear if Jordison himself played on the recordings below). It’s all part of a recent outpouring of material that Baumbach has been issuing under the moniker M@.

The latest song to emerge is called “You’re Almost There”. It comes a few days after the release of “The Idled Middle”. If Baumbach’s current musical purging is any indication, we will hopefully hear more tracks from the project in the very near future.

Finally having access to these recordings is a bittersweet gift. No, it doesn’t fill the Joey Jordison void, but it does scratch the itch to hear some unreleased tunes from one of the greatest drummers of all time.

Among many other offerings, you can find “You’re Almost There” and “The Idled Middle” over at Matt Baumbach’s Soundcloud. And if you’re somehow unfamiliar with VOD, change that via the embed below.

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