When Phil Collins Joined Black Sabbath to Remember the Alamo

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There is no shortage of Ozzy Osbourne legends. 

He is the man who, after arriving at the Betty Ford Center, asked the former First Lady and namesake of the famous rehab where he could find the bar. After being accosted earlier in the evening by a very real figure in a black robe who was carrying a very real dagger, he sang “Happy Birthday” to a group of Satanists who showed up at the motel Black Sabbath were staying, and then proceeded to blow out the candles they were holding.

He’s shot cats, burned down a chicken coop, been kicked out of a concentration camp, bit the heads off of doves and bats, pissed into peoples wine carafes, pissed on cop cars, and pissed on the Alamo while wearing a dress (well, it was a separate monument adjacent to the Alamo but you get the point).

Phil Collins, former singer and drummer of Genesis, highly revered studio musician, and one of the most successful solo artists in history, fucking LOVES the Alamo. Having fallen in love with the story behind the monument as a small boy, he has become the world’s first and foremost collector of Alamo memorabilia.

Phil owns Davy Crocket’s rifle, various swords and cannons used by both sides of the conflict, and physical marching orders from generals and statesmen alike. His collection is so prolific that it is in the process of becoming a literal museum.

It might seem odd that a man who notoriously pissed on the Alamo and a man whose Alamo fanaticism has made him a leading authority on the subject would ever play music together but… they definitely did. 

In a 2002 celebration in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s golden jubilee, Ozzy Osbourne performed the Black Sabbath’s classic, “Paranoid.” His backing band for this event was Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi, The Who bassist Pino Palladino, and Mr. Alamo himself behind the drum kit, Phil Collins.

It might sound like a strange meeting of the minds, if not for the countrymen’s mutual affection for the royal family. What is really weird is how tied up these two Brits are with a distinctly Texan landmark.

Check out the performance below


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