Babymetal Announce Their Brand New Singer, Momometal

Sven Mandel, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Along with having released a brand new album recently, Babymetal is excited to share even more awesome news with their fans. Somewhat recently, the band teased that there may be a new member joining them; well, not only do we now know that there is a new member, but we also know who she is.

During a recent live performance of theirs, Babymetal showed off their brand new member – singer Momometal.

Funny enough though, prior to this official reveal, some Babymetal fans were already speculating that Momometal (legal name Momoko Okazaki) was the band’s new member.

Along with having performed as one of Babymetal’s backup dancers prior to this new role, Okazaki used to be part of an idol group called Sakura Gakuin. Congrats on becoming one of Babymetal’s singers, Momometal.

Whenever the band decides to make their way over to the States for a tour, it will be awesome to see the entire band deliver awesome pop-metal.

In other Babymetal-related news, just the other week, the band released their fourth studio album, titled The Other One. It is an incredible record, and if you have yet to check it out, you ought to give it a listen when you can. In regard to this new album, the band has shared the following:

“10 parallel worlds that exist beyond time and space, solved the mysteries that were sealed in ‘THE OTHER ONE‘ and revealed while moving forward with the restoration project ‘THE OTHER ONE‘, and the theme of their respective worlds, are now clear!!”

Also recently, Babymetal singer Su-metal talked about several acts she would like to collaborate with. Among the acts she is interested in collaborating with, she would like to work with the Backstreet Boys and Rammstein.

To learn more about what Su-metal had to say about these potential collaborations, follow the link below.

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