WTF: Inspirational Hardcore Singer Tells Crowd He Beat Off Horses For Money

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We have all had our fair share of rough jobs; for some of us, there is the grind of retail life, for others, it is the constant rush of working in food and drink, and for others, there is having to jerk off horses.

When it comes to the grind and bustle of life… wait, what? *Checks notes* …. “jerking off horses is a day job?”

All joking aside… “jerking off horses” is in fact a day job and something that the frontman of hardcore act Red Scare once had to do.

Recently, old footage captured by the one and only hate5six has been going viral; for those who may not be aware, Sunny (hate5six), is a live music archivist who works predominately in the world of hardcore music.

On his Instagram just the other day, Sunny uploaded old footage he took at a Red Scare show.

At one point during the band’s performance, the band’s frontman went off and gave a speech about an old job of his (you can see where this is going).

Specifically, his job involved working at an artificial insemination farm.

In order to go about this role, per the frontman, he would get up EVERY DAY, and working his way down a line of horses, all “fully erect,” he would have to “grasp” a “throbbing horse cock” and “rub it until completion.”

He then would have to collect the horse’s cum in a jar – and this is what he says he did for every horse at this farm.

The frontman goes on to say that, while he was being paid $4 an hour, the owner of the farm was selling one gallon of horse cum for $1 million.

We are not sure what the average rate is for horse cum, but $1 million sounds like a fucking lot.

While listening to the frontman, you can hear how passionately angry he is when it comes to this old job. But while this is one hell of an inspirational speech, it’s tough to tell just how serious he means to be.

If you are interested in listening to the Red Scare frontman’s speech for yourself, you can do so via the Instagram video player below.

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