When Slipknot Let Parody Band ‘The Slipnutz’ Open and Get Eviscerated at Concert

Raspyprince, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Opening for Slipknot isn’t an easy task for any band.

There’s basically no chance anybody at the show is there for a reason other than the ‘Knot, no matter who is on the lineup. So, why not test the limits of what they’ll be down with?

In 2005, Conan O’Brien invited Slipknot onto the show for a TV performance, promoting Vol 3. The two parties seemingly really dug each other, as the Conan O’Brien show went and involved them in a bit with nut-themed comedy trio The Slipnutz.

Conan then plays a clip of what their performance entails. The three members come out (including comedian Jon Glaser), throw bags of peanuts on the ground, slip on nuts and proclaim their band name. It’s a one-bit kind of joke troupe, but it’s pretty hilarious.

Of course, taking things further, Conan thought it would be hilarious to put them on a bigger stage, namely opening for Slipknot on tour. The clip then cuts to the three hanging out backstage at the Continental Airlines Arena in New Jersey. They talk about their “history” of a band, and their relationship with nuts.

Later on, they have a run in with Slipknot themselves, thanking the band for thee opportunity and saying they’d warm up the crowd for them. Slipknot, silently, wave them off.

Finally, the band takes the stage, and after a quick announcement by the MC, go into their bit. The audience is visibly confused at what they’re saying. The trio, clad in their sweater vests and khakis immediately sing their part, slip on nuts, and get booed. Countless Slipknot fans shoot them the finger as they start throwing the peanuts back at the crowd.

Some of the fans seem to get that it’s a bit, but there’s a lot of genuine anger at watching a joke band perform. Goofy.

Check out “The Slipnutz” below.