Watch: Teens React to Limp Bizkit, Call Them “White Boys With Seasoning”

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The long-running React Youtube channel has mix-and-matched people of all ages to music of all types. Everything from grandmas reacting to Slipknot or children reacting to Queen, not much is off the table when it comes to reactions.

So, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that their focus would eventually turn to nu-metal. So, who better react to than Limp Bizkit? And what group of people to better give a cultural barometer than teenagers in 2023?

At the start of the video, none of the teens are familiar whatsoever with Limp Bizkit. Of course, the folks filming it started with the classic anthem “Break Stuff.” Reactions to it: pretty positive! Though one teen yells “why are they yelling at me,” the majority of those featured in the interview seemingly have a good time with what’s on deck.

Most notably, everyone seems to be surprised at the cultural pull that Limp Bizkit had at the time, scoring cameos from numerous stars including Snoop Dogg and Eminem. In the post-mortem, there are a mix of reactions, including “you know he’s a bad boy cause his hat’s backwards” which is a brilliant comment.

Reactions to their cover of “Faith” get a little more mixed, with some of the teens not into “Break Stuff” now connecting with Durst’s singing and variation of work. Another comment being “it’s like he’s singing in cursive.”

From there they watch “Nookie,” with one teen asking jokingly “stick it up my where?” and getting hooked on the song’s chorus.

Maybe the standout comment of “Rollin'” is “these are white boys with seasoning.” Overall, the comments are really varied and sort of refreshing. It’s always cool seeing people react to a band they’ve never heard before, and a band as unexplainable in 2023 as Limp Bizkit to a new generation is solid.

Watch teens react to Limp Bizkit below.