Watch: Singer of Drain Gives Stage Diver a Wedgie Mid-Performance

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Among the young folks creating thrash and hardcore today, Drain is one of the most badass.

Since the release of their 2016 EP Over Thinking, the band has been delivering thrilling crossover music, and their live shows are just as intense.

In fact, if you are thinking of attending one of their shows and want to get up on the stage while the band is performing, be on the lookout – because you may get a surprise wedgie from their frontman.

At one point during a recent show that Drain was playing, a fan was doing an “army crawl” across the stage. When Drain frontman Sammy Ciaramitaro saw this dude, he decided to run up to him and give him a wedgie.

Per video footage of this moment, while the fan was caught off guard at first, they eventually came to realize that the frontman was just goofing with him.

A lot of wild shit can go down at hardcore shows – sometimes someone will throw themselves into a barricade or maybe a frontman will drop-kick someone off a stage.

If you are interested in checking out the footage of Ciaramitaro giving a wedgie to that stage diver, you can find that video below. Per the caption associated with that video, Ciaramitaro wrote: “Army crawling across the stage is dope and so is giving wedgies hahahaha”

Somewhat recently, we wrote a feature covering the 10 bands that have revitalized thrash. We included Drain on that list, and below you can find what we had to say about the band; if you want to check out the entire feature, follow the link below.

“Take a little bit of Cro-Mags, a little bit of Overkill, and a little bit of Megadeth – stir all that together – and you have yourself Drain. The band’s explosive presentation of crossover is undeniably sick; while Drain provides a revitalized take on the sound (thanks to strong production work and their stellar performances), the band’s music is full of nostalgic vibes that will make you feel like you are living in the golden era of ’80s thrash and hardcore punk.”

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